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Open communication with your attorney is the key to real strength, and to achieving an effective outcome, whether in negotiation, mediation or litigation.

What do you need to know in order to choose an attorney who can be effective for you, as well as the best fit?

“Two monologues do not make a dialogue.” This idea, expressed by author Jeff Daly, is the foundation principle of our practice. What do you and your attorney need to do to connect successfully? There are 4 keys which are as essential on day one as throughout the full course of any legal matter.

  1. Listen. The initial consultation is often the first time a client feels that any one has heard them, and it’s essential to developing the right working relationship
  2. Discuss. Explore effective options to meet a client’s needs and desires, including identifying what may be possible under the law.
  3. Communicate. Showing respect for the issues at hand, including dates and court requirements, and what information is needed to advance a client’s goals.
  4. Inform and Educate. It is not enough for an attorney to say “this is the way it is.” Sue A. Moravec says “this is the way it is because . . . ” She  believes  this gives clients a better understanding of the legal basis, so they feel more comfortable as things proceed.

Practice Standards

Timely Service.

We are dedicated to providing legal services with certainty and with speed, but not haste. If there is a deadline, it is to be met. Often in litigation, deadlines often require cooperation and participation of multiple parties. Not every contingency is foreseeable. However, to the extent that contingencies are foreseeable, Ms. Moravec’s clients are advised and notified in advance and then updated as the matter progresses.


We utilize electronic and mobile communications extensively. Documents are scanned and provided to clients directly via secure email when possible. Advanced practice management and document generation software ensures both consistency and timeliness of the service(s) that you receive.

The Human Approach.

Ms. Moravec strives to create a working relationship that underscores the clarity and calm perspective she offers in support of each client, recognizing the positive difference her approach can make in what is often a difficult and challenging time in a client’s life.

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