I was facing the prospect of losing my children to my ex-wife, who was preparing to move them overseas and out of my life. With Sue’s help I was not only able to keep them in the country with me, but was always there when another unforeseen issue arose.

After our initial separation, my ex-wife attempted to take my three children out of the country and out of my life forever. The few lawyers I spoke to initially suggested tactics that would not only hurt my ex-wife, but hurt my children in the crossfire. Sue was different, and took a very practical and realistic approach to my case. When my ex-wife’s lawyer accused me of some of the worst things imaginable, I came out on top because we didn’t use those tactics.

I won custody of my kids because of Sue and am forever grateful.


Divorce/International Move

I never thought I would be in a position to need a family attorney for an impending divorce. After unsuccessfully being able to resolve our differences through a mediator, a friend recommended Sue Moravec to me. She explained that Sue worked with her and treated her with respect, integrity and honor through her difficult divorce challenges. Sue went far above that for me. She explained every step of the way (in English I could understand) and there was no fluff. Sue was compassionate, but also kept me focused on my goal.

Sue’s personality and mine meshed very well and she has since become someone I am proud to call my friend.


Divorce with Separate Property

When my ex told me “my” son wasn’t really mine, I called Sue to help resolve paternity and child support issues. It was so easy to work with her – she was able to stop child support from collecting any money from me, and was able to set aside documents stating I was the father. She worked with me on a flat fee basis, so I knew exactly how much it would cost before we even started. I am so grateful for Sue’s help and professionalism in resolving this matter for me.



Sue Moravec played a major role in the adoption of our son. With her extensive knowledge of the law, not just in California, but other states, she was able to move our very complex case through the court system flawlessly and in a very timely manner. She was very personable and considerate of our needs. Discretion was a top priority in the handling of our case and Sue was able to take care of it in such a manner.

We thank Sue for all she has done for us and look forward in working with her in the future.

Natalie & Kevin

Step Parent Adoption

Sue Moravec has been very dedicated and compassionate while representing me through a challenging divorce. Sue was recommended to me by a friend and has exceeded my expectations for an attorney.

Sue provided me with all the information I needed and guided me when I needed to make decisions to protect my interests while at the same time Sue took a personal interest in me and my family. She was responsive to my needs and always available. She fought hard for me and would not let me give up. I felt very confident having Sue as my attorney to guide me through the divorce process. Sue’s services were beyond professional.

I felt that in the end the divorce agreement which was reached was fair and equitable to myself and my ex-husband (though he does not) and felt that Sue gave me the professional legal guidance without over-charging me for fees. I would recommend Sue’s services to anyone I have contact with.


Divorce with Children

When my ex-husband and I realized that our marriage was over, we wanted to work together for the benefit of our family, as well as our own sanity. I contacted Sue to discuss my options. Sue helped me fully understand what I could expect in mediation and litigation, and ultimately I knew that mediation was the right choice for my family. Sue worked with us to reach a complete settlement of all our issues, one that addressed our respective concerns and gave both of us comfort and security as we went our separate ways. Sue made the difficult process of divorce easier, simpler and faster, and I am thankful she was there for us.



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